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Frequently Asked Questions

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KickItBack Basics

  • Is there a limit on the rewards I can receive?
  • No, there's no limit. The more you shop online with KickItBack, the more cash back you'll receive.

  • How are my purchases tracked?
  • Logging into KickItBack or using one of the other approved methods to earn cash back, creates a tiny file (called a "cookie") that allows us to tag your purchase as eligible for KickItBack cash-back rewards.

    After you've logged in, chosen a retailer, and made a purchase, the retailer notifies us and we credit your account balance accordingly.

    These cookies do expire which is why you need to use any of the outlined methods each time you shop to ensure you earn your cash-back reward.

  • Does KickItBack spam or sell my personal information?
  • No, KickItBack will never sell your personal information.

    KickItBack users can expect to receive periodic email messages from us that include important site updates. Users are not able to opt out of these emails as they include important site information that we must communicate to all users.

    In addition to site updates, we send buying reminders and notices, notices when someone you've referred signs up, and special offers and promotions. You can opt out of each of these in your account settings under Email Preferences.

Getting Your Cash Back

  • How do I get paid?
  • When you use KickItBack and shop online, you earn cash back. On your KickBacks page we list how much money you've earned so far. When your balance reaches the minimum required for a cashout ($5.00), you can click the "Cashout" button and we'll send that money to your specified PayPal account. Items typically become eligible for payout 30 days after the date of purchase, which is a requirement that helps us prevent fraud.

  • What if I don't have a PayPal account?
  • PayPal accounts are absolutely free. Sign up with PayPal today!

Qualifying Purchases

  • How do I ensure my purchases are tracked?
  • For your purchases to earn you cash-back rewards, you must first visit and log into Then you can begin shopping using one of the following methods:

    Before making a purchase...

    1. Click one of our network retailers' links on the KickItBack Retailers page.

    2. Click any retailers' links in the promotional emails we send out. Your account ID is recorded through those links so any purchases you make will be tracked for cash-back rewards.

  • How much do I receive in rewards for each item I buy?
  • KickItBack will pay up to the percentages listed as commissions on the Retailers page.

    Cash back is based on the final price of the purchase minus shipping, insurance or any other additional costs. The exact amount of cash back you will receive is determined by the commissions paid to KickItBack by the retailer. The payout from KickItBack will not exceed the amount paid to KickItBack.

  • Can any of my previous (most recent) purchases be accounted for...I have made many within the last couple of months?
  • No, we can only track and reward you for purchases made after clicking through to a retailer's site from your KickItBack account or clicking on a link in an email sent to you by KickItBack. Therefore, purchases made before you signed up for KickItBack cannot result in cash-back rewards.

  • Do all purchases qualify for cash-back rewards?
  • While most purchases do qualify, each Network Retailer has its own list of exemptions. Some retailers pay different percentages (or none at all) for different product categories.

    For example, purchases made on eBay are not eligible for cash-back rewards.

    The exact amount you'll earn is based in part upon the commission paid to KickItBack. Your cash-back reward cannot exceed the amount paid to KickItBack.

  • What factors can interfere with receiving cash back?
  • If for some reason the retailer fails to tell us about your purchase, then we have no way of knowing we need to reward you for it. Factors that could interfere with this process can include:

    1. Your web browser's settings (your browser needs to allow cookies from and our Network Retailers).

    2. Visiting other sites before, or waiting a day or more, before making a purchase after logging into

    After 5 days, if your purchase has failed to show up in your cash-back rewards account and you made the purchase directly after logging into (or using another one of our approved methods), please contact us.

  • Under what circumstances do you reserve the right to deny cash rewards?
  • If we detect fraudulent bidding activity or attempts to exploit and/or disrupt our services, we will deny rewards to and/or suspend any KickItBack accounts involved. If you aren't trying to do anything illegal you have no need to worry.

  • Can I get cash back on eBay purchases?
  • eBay purchases currently do not qualify for cash back rewards.


  • Why is my purchase not showing up?
  • It may take 5 or more business days for your purchases to show up in your KickBacks page.

    If your purchase has failed to show up in your cash-back rewards account after 5 business days and you made the purchase by using another one our approved methods, please contact us.

  • My purchase is "Verified," why isn't it available to be cashed out?
  • Once we verify that a qualified purchase has been made, it typically becomes eligible for payout after 60 days from the date of purchase. Some purchases take longer depending on the retailer. Barring any other issues, the longest a purchase will be held before payout is 120 days. This is a fraud-prevention measure.

  • Why is my cash-back reward less than I expected?
  • It might be because each cash-back reward is calculated based on the net purchase price which excludes taxes, shipping, gift wrapping, fees, discounts, credits, returns, and warranties.

    It might also be because each retailer sets up their program differently. Some may offer commissions on all items while others exclude certain items or change the commission rate for certain items only.

    The exact cash-back amount you receive is determined by the commissions paid to KickItBack by participating retailers. The cash-back payout from KickItBack will not exceed the amount paid to KickItBack by these participating retailers.

    If you feel like your cash-back reward has been processed incorrectly, please contact us so we can help you inspect the matter more closely.